• Thank you for applying to Above the Trees, a 100% user-generated four day participatory festival! The ethos of AtT is that everyone contributes to the event by bringing their talents, knowledge, music/art, experiences, skills, and passions; everyone plays a part in sharing something of themselves and being inspired by the awesomeness of those around them. Above the Trees is a summer camp for adults where everyone's a camper AND a counselor.

    Above the Trees programming runs Thursday at 7pm through Sunday at 5pm, although participants are invited to stay through Monday to decompress and enjoy more time together. Participation is limited to 100.

    Example projects from past years have included: HAM radio-ing with citizens around the world, an introduction to listening to symphonic music, a guacamole-making battle inspired by different musical playlists, building birdhouses, a full body Settlers of Catan action game, art installations playing with persistence of vision, cheese tasting workshops, exploratory games based on sense-perception, musical and choral performances, and much much more. You are only limited by your imagination. Let’s get started!