above the trees has three main goals:

  1. participation
  2. interaction
  3. ongoing improvement

participation: we need you to fill out a quick proposal explaining what it is that you will bring to the event. could be just about anything: leading a workshop, telling some jokes, making signs so people know where to go, installing an interactive sculpture, performing with a group, running the cleanup crew, it’s up to you.

interaction: typical agenda for the day will be a combination of small group sessions, larger forum presentations and performances, meals and casual social events. it’s important that you meet the amazing people around you. it’s very likely that they will change your life in some big or small way. invest your time by meeting the people around you.

ongoing improvement: when the event is over everyone will have a chance to weigh in on what they liked, what they didn’t, etc. this feedback will shape the event moving forward, helping to define the right ratios of work & play, meeting new people vs. spending time with old friends, etc. it will also help determine who gets to come back the next year: if you don’t do what you committed to, well.. we’ll see!

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