q: how much does it cost?
a: tickets are either $130 or $150 – you choose! pay a little more if you can afford it, pay a little less if you’re short on cash. that low price includes food!
q: i don’t have a ton of money but i want to come. help?
a: sure – we have a few scholarship opportunities available. just note this on your application form.

q: what bands are playing?
a: no clue yet. but it’s important to remember that everything you experience will be provided by attendees. no one is being paid to perform at above the trees.

q: is this an all night rave?
a: nope. not at all.

q: can i bring my dog?
a: sorry.. no.

q: can i bring my kid(s)?
a: sorry.. just this one time, no. check out the plunge and feeling the ceiling for family fun in the summer and winter!

q: who is in charge of figuring out who gets in?
a: admissions is run by a group of 4 people. reid is not one of those people.

q: why do i have to apply to this?
a: our dream is to have a fairly small event with 100% participation. wouldn’t that be amazing?! asking people to tell us what they will bring to the event in advance helps us create the ideal scheduling mix and forces attendees to think carefully about what they want to do well in advance of the event. yes, it’s a little extra work but we think it will really pay off eventually.

q: who is putting this thing on?
adopevan + the committee + YOU!

q: seriously, what are you thinking?
a: this is, admittedly, an unusual concept. absolutely. at the end of the day we are trying to create an event that is built around attendees sharing their talents, helps them establish incredible new relationships, and just keeps getting better every year. and, if the first two events were any indication, it’s working!

q: i have a question!

a: that’s not a question but okay, you can get your question answered here.

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