great! we can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to above the trees.

the process works like this. every person who attends will propose the set of contributions she would like to bring to above the trees. contributions will usually span three domains:

  • artistic/creative/intellectual
  • service
  • financial

artistic/creative/intellectual: you may want to build an art installation of some kind, lead a yoga or drawing class, give a presentation on something cool you know tons about, sing, dance, or perform music. whatever talent, knowledge, or skills you have, you will propose what you’d like to bring to above the trees to share.

service: the remainder balance of your contribution will be to the infrastructure, and fundamental successful operations, of the event itself. for a few folks who decide to lead an integral part of the infrastructure, this may serve as your primary contribution. whether you act as a greeter at the gate or the info table, take a clean-up shift in the kitchen, lead AV set-up or the recycling program, or some other job, this aspect of your participation helps to ensure a kick-ass event for everyone.

financial support: most participants will pay the base ticket price (only $70 this year). this covers your lodging, your meals, and essentially your “costs” of participating in above the trees. however, some participants may be in a position to sponsor the event above and beyond a single ticket price. this money can help sustain the event itself, serve as grant money for larger or more complex artistic projects, or create scholarships for those who may not be able to afford the base ticket price. if you’re in a position to do this, please get in touch via the contact form.

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